400 years of history

Oil Mill


The company oil mill is in one of the annexes to the eighteenth-century villa.

Here the olives, after being harvested both by hand and with the help of a shaker, are washed and pressed within the following 12 hours. The extraction is carried out with a continuous typecrusher, at a temperature of 27° (cold pressing).The processing involves two phases during which the extra virgin oil is pressed on one side and the pomace and vegetation water are separated on the other. With a view to maximum environmental sustainability, the latter are used to produce energy from biomass.

This method of processing the olives allows to obtain a free acidity, expressed in oleic acid, of an average value equal to 0.18%, much lower than 0.80%, which represents the legal limit for an oil to be classified as “extra virgin”.

The over 6000 olive trees of « La Montagnola » produce on average 70 quintals of oil per year. The main variety is Moraiolo and, in a smaller percentage, Dolce Agogia, Frantoio and Leccino varieties. The company produces DOP Umbria Colli Martani oil and is specializing in some monocultivar in order to offer a better combination with the dishes.



The various formats

Our varieties


The company with approximately 7000 olive trees produces an average of 70 quintals of oil per year.


We produce Umbria Colli Martani DOP oil and specialize in some single varieties.


Nearly a century of farming and own oil production, to reach olive trees that are 400 years old.


We have direct sales channels for small or large quantities of our varieties of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.


The beautiful colors of autumn are when the olives are harvested by hand or with the help of special machines. The olives are then processed within 12 hours of harvesting in order to obtain an excellent quality oil.


The extraction includes crushing, kneading, and squeezing. Our mill works at a controlled temperature between 25 and 27°, in a continuous cycle, without interruptions between one phase and one another, to optimize times for the benefit of quality final product.


The oil is carried out in temperature-controlled rooms in large stainless-steel tanks with nitrogen. This precaution allows to preserve the product avoiding rapid oxidations. In fact, the bottling takes place only following the orders received daily to guarantee the use of a product that is always fresh.


After extraction and a careful analysis and control of the critical points, the oil is subjected to a filtration process by cartons, which in no way modifies its qualitative, nutritional, and organoleptic characteristics. It is then stored in stainless steel containers and kept under nitrogen. In the total lack of oxygen, the oil prevents natural oxidation.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability: Our bioGas plant.

Biogas plant. Biogas is a gaseous biofuel obtained from the anaerobic fermentation of residual materials of organic, animal or vegetable origin. The entire process takes place at a controlled temperature by microorganisms which convert the raw material into biogas. The biogas thus produced can be used to obtain renewable thermal and electrical energy. From the anaerobic fermentation a second product is obtained: the digestate, an exceptional fertilizer and organic soil improver for our soils. For ten years we have been collecting the olive pomace from over 35 mills in the province of Perugia, managing the residues of Umbrian olive production in a sustainable and circular way and returning the organic and mineral substance subtracted with the production cycle by applying digestate in the olive groves.
Vittoria Iraci Borgia


Emerald green with an intense olive scent and flavor, this olive oil is characterized by a floral note and a touch of mint and aromatic herbs that make it truly unique. The taste is harmonious and delicately fruity, with highlights
of sweet almond.

Particularly suitable for fish, boiled meats and vegetables, purees, carpaccio and tartare



As intense green with golden tones, this oil reveals its value as soon as it is tasted. Perfectly balanced between spicy and bitter, it provides intense vegetable aromas including artichoke and thistle, along with notes of fresh almond and fine herbs.

Due to its versatility it is suitable for any type of dish, from grilled meats to vegetable and legume soups, bruschetta and bread soups.


L'extra Vergine

Pressed from olives from the first harvest in mid-October this balanced in terms of both taste and smell.  It offers bitterness and spice of medium intensity, with a hint of fresh almond and an intense sensation of freshly cut grass and artichoke.

The persistent spicy sensation makes it ideal to enhance all types of dishes, even those with a delicate flavor.


D.O.P. Colli Martani

The green Umbria DOP with yellow-gold reflections is an oil obtained from the Moraiolo cultivar with the right percentage of Frantoio, Leccino, and Dolce Agogia. Its strong herbaceous fruity flavor has evident notes of thistle and artichoke, and its intense and decisive bitter and spicy taste gives it a strong personality both in taste and smell. It has a high natural richness of polyphenols.


D.O.P. Umbria

The winner of the first prize “Best Olive Oil ” is the pure DOP Umbria oil from the martani hills, our best cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Due to its natural and high richness in polyphenols, it is, among the extra virgin olive oils, the one that retains its intense fruity for longer. It is recommended to use it mainly on legume soups, grilled red meats, game, or more simply on bruschetta.