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Extra virgin olive oil

Attached to the eighteenth century villa, the company oil mill is located. Olives are harvested either by hand or with the help of a shaker, then washed and crushed within 12 hours later. The extraction is carried out with a continuous oil mill at a temperature of 27 ° (cold pressing). The mill works in two phases, on one side the extra virgin olive oil, on the other it is sanse and vegetation water. The latter are used for the production of biomass energy. The free acidity obtained, expressed in oleic acid, is on average 0.18%, much lower than 0.80%, a legal limit because an oil can be classified as extra virgin.
The company of about 6000 olives produces an average of 70 Q.li of oil per year. The prevailing cultivation variety is Moraiolo, with a smaller quantity of Sweet Aggia, Frantoio and Leccino. The company produces DOP Umbria Umbria Colli Martani olive oil and is specializing in some monovarietals for a better combination of food.


Our types of extra virgin olive oil for sale

Extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria for sale

Here are our labels and our products for sale at the mill. From various milk sizes up to 5L and 500ml bottles. Contact us for the purchase and we will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

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DOP Colli Martani

The DOP Umbria green with gold yellow reflections is an oil obtained from the Moraiolo cultivar with a fair percentage of Frantoio, Leccino and Dolce Agogia. The distinctive herbaceous fruity with clear notes of thistle and artichoke and the intense and determined bitter and spicy load give it a strong personality to taste and smell. It possesses a high natural wealth of polyphenols.


Extra Virgin

Oil of green color, with scent and intense olive flavor. Very balanced both on the smell and the taste, it remembers the dull almond and freshly cut grass. Of medium persistence and intensity, the pungent feeling prevails on the camomile. For its harmoniousness it is matched to any dish: vegetable soups, salads, bruschette, grilled. Highly recommended for frying.


Monocultivar Frantoio

Still fruity olive-fruited profurge of the first harvest of mid-October. This balanced oil is both smelly and tasteful, characterized by a medium / intense level of bitter and spicy, with a preponderant hints of fresh almond and light sensations of grass and artichoke. The persistent spicy sensation makes it ideal to enhance those dishes that do not have very strong flavors.


Monocultivar Minerva

From green to yellow reflections, with a floral aromatic note and a herringbone soup and herbs that make it a unique oil. With the harmonious and delicately fruity taste, the bitter highlights the feeling of sweet almond. It is recommended to use on fish, boiled meat and vegetables, carpacci and tartare, velvety. This Extra Virgin won the “Best of Class” prize at the New York International Competition in 2013.


DOP Umbria for Gold Award 2016

Winner of the first prize “Best Olive Oil 2016” is the pure DOP Umbria oil of martini hills, our best extra virgin olive oil for cold squeezing. For its natural and high richness in polyphenols, it is, among the extra virgin, the one that preserves its intense fruity for longer. It is recommended that you use mainly soups, grilled red meat, game, or more simply on bruschetta.